Refreshment facilities in Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza offers a wide range of restaurants and bistros, each with their unique identity and specific qualities, provided by Paul Catering.

The Izba 

During school holidays, weekends and on holidays: Kitchen and bar open every day. 

Not during school holidays, weekends and on holidays: Bar open every day. Kitchen closed on Wednesday and Thursday.


  • From 0 to 3 years : free
  • From 4 to 11 years : 15.00€ (drinks and dessert buffet included)
  • From 12 years on: 29,50 €  (drinks and dessert buffet included)

The Izba

Le Temple des Délices


  • From 0 to 3 years : free
  • From 4 to 11 years : 15.00€
  • From 12 years on: 29,50 €.

The Temple des Délices buffet

Formule: aziatische buffet

  • Asian soups (recipes imported directly from China)
  • Cold starters (salads,Scampi and Chinese specialities)
  • Warm starters (cooked and steamed)
  • Hot buffet

All these dishes are prepared under the supervision of our chef, E. Bigonville, who followed differend courses in China about asian food. 

Asian buffet


The banquet and reception hall opposite the temple can be used to cater for events and banquets for 80 or 100 guests. This prestigious and authentic Chinese location is available by special request and may,as desired, Other types of meals are also available.


Reserve a space at the self-service restaurant, is now even more refined. We also have traditional Belgian cuisine available, including cooked meals, grilled meat and pasta. All recipes are prepared by Traiteur Paul.

  • New: chop stew with beer from Cambron
  • Traditionally prepared vol-au-vent (with poultry for meat)
  • Real cod fillet (prepared with light white wine and fine vegetables)
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce (minced meat with fresh onions)
  • Pasta bolognaise (fresh,home-made!)
  • Grilled beef (Belgian meat!)
  • Cold dishes (ham,Russian egg; sea platters with salmon and fish)
  • Back with a vengeance: salad bar (mostly made with fresh vegetables)
  • Soup with fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Luxury desserts: chocolate mousse,salads or fresh fruit, cakes (from the region) and tiramisu with red fruits

Our quality wines are selected in the southwest of France and are made from organic ingredients.

Smaller portions are served for children as a part of the packages,pasta and vol-au-vent.

Le Moulin (on the terrace or take-away)

The Moulin

After two years of restoration work, a new dining option: a natural snack bar, as a part of the trendy Food Fashion, which is ideal for people that prefer to eat natural food.

Authentic bread of the highest quality,as a menu or per item:

  • Classic and healthy sandwiches
  • Caesar, vegetarian and other salads
  • Home-made soups
  • Traditional cakes and ice cream
  • Two types of beer on tap


Hamburgers and fries

Le Bateau (Mersus Emergo)

La Terrasse

A haven where the foredeck does not only serve as a terrace, but also as a haven for young and old.
After walking between the reptile vivariums,snakes, iguanas and crocodiles that have found shelter in Pairi Daiza thanks to the efforts of the Carapace association... after the emotion of the new 3D IN Mersus cinema hall and the elephants from the Okavango Delta .. . before relaxing on the terrace in the area

Le pavillon des douceurs

A hub for home made ice cream and drinks.

Le Perroquet

Opposite the raptors, on the lawn where you can expect to see demonstration sessions.

La Maison de thé

A reproduction of the oldest tea house in Shanghai. Try a selection of the finest Chinese teas and herbal teas. You can choose and serve your own tea. Extraordinary revitalisation in an exceptional setting. You will find yourself transport to somewhere far from here! You'll even be able to buy the tea sets,which will be available in two versions: authentic and hand painted or classical Chinese.

La Brasserie

French Gastronomie. Discover our specials from 15,50€.

La Maison des Saveurs


From 9,95 €

Au Bon FouFou

From 3,00 €.